Detroit LCN Family, 2022

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Present Day Detroit LCN:

Detroit mob: 25-30 members (SMB)

Admin: 3 (SMB)

  • Jack Vito “Jackie the Kid”’ Giacalone, Boss (Billy Jack son) (1985 + 1993)
  • Anthony “Chicago Tony” LaPiana, Underboss (1985 + 1993 list)
  • Peter Dominic “Specs” Tocco, Consigliere – acting as street boss (2006 bust) (Jack Tocco d.2014 nephew)

Capos: 4 (SMB)

  • Eugene “Gene” Baratta (son in law of Anthony “Tony Z” Zerilli)
  • Joseph “Joey Jack” Giacalone Snr (Tony Jack son)
  • Giuseppe “Joe the Hood” D’Anna (Tony Cars relative) (P. Ventimiglia beating)
  • David John “Davey” Aceto (associate of Jack V.) (2006 bust)

Known Members: 3

  • Paul “Big Paulie” Corrado – inactive, may be shelved (son of Dominic “Fats”)
  • Girolamo “Mimmo” D’Anna (brother of Giuseppe) (Tony Cars relative)
  • Peter Jack “Fat Pete” Corrado – brother of Big Paulie (1993 list) (Fats Corrado son)

Potential Members: 9

  • Anthony “Little Tony” Tocco Jnr (Carmela Foods) (son of Anthony “Tony T” Tocco, brother of Jack Tocco, mother is Carmela Profaci) (reputed inactive)
  • Dominic “Chicago Dom” Corrado (2006 bust) (son of Anthony Corrado d. 2002)
  • Joseph “Jo-Jo” Messina (2006 bust) (brother of Petey Boy)
  • Louis “Butch” Stramaglia (may be consigliere?)
  • Peter “Little Pete” Tocco (2006 bust) (son of Peter Dominic)
  • Peter Joseph “Petey Boy” Messina (2006 bust, served time) (brother of Jo-Jo)
  • Robert “Bobby the Animal” La Puma (inactive, resides in Colorado) (“enforcer”)
  • Salvatore “Mops” Tocco (Wolverine Golf Club bust) (dead?)
  • Vincenzo “Vinnie Meatballs” Bronzino (2006 bust) (zip?)

Otherwise Alleged Members: 14

  • Anthony “Nino” Corrado Jnr (Anthony Corrado d. 2002 son)
  • Anthony Rugiero (brother of Patrick)
  • Gerard “Gerry” DeMichele (associate of Nove Tocco) (Macomb Vending) (married to Tina Corrado, daughter of Anthony Corrado d. 2002) (2006 poker tournament bust)
  • Jack “Jackie the Nose” Giacalone (Florida) (Tony Jack son)
  • Jack “Little Jackie” Tocco Jnr (son of boss Jack W. Tocco)
  • John Batista “Johnny Bananas” Sciarrotta (IP, until 2031) (Father alleged to have been member)
  • Joseph “Joe” Tocco (brother of Nove Tocco, inactive?)
  • Patrick Rugiero (brother of Anthony)
  • Paul “Cousin Paulie” Corrado (Anthony Corrado d. 2002 son) (minor time served for jury tampering and stealing IRS document for Vito Giacalone)
  • Peter “Pete Gotti” Tocco (Mops son) (frequently IDed as Jack V. driver and associate)
  • Peter Anthony “The Baby Bull” Corrado (Anthony Corrado d. 2002 son)
  • Salvatore “Little Sammy” Palazzolo Jnr – dead? (brother of Anthony James)
  • Samuel “Sam” Ventimiglia – inactive, dead? (sometime listed as Texas operative)
  • Vincent “Vinnie Jack/Vince” Giacalone (brother of Jack Vito Giacalone)

Recent Deceased:

  • Joseph “Joe Hooks” Mirabile (2019)
  • Dominic “Uncle Dom” Bommarito (2017)
  • Antonino “Fat Tony/Tony the Exterminator” Ruggirello (2019)
  • Antonio “Toto” Ruggirello (2020)
  • Anthony James “Tony Pal” Palazzolo (2018/19)
  • Joseph Ernesto “Joe Rocco” Matranga (2020) – San Diego