Los Angeles Family 1985 Chart, FBI List

Following FBI List used as reference:

FBI List


Several members are missing from this FBI estimate, the following are the ones I have noticed, as they were likely members by 1985:

  • Raymond “Rocky” DeRosa – soldier
  • John Aquilante – caporegime, San Diego – potentially soldier or Decavalcante family member
  • Michael “Porno Mike” Esposito – soldier (possibly inducted in the late 1980s or early 1990s)
  • Louis “Louie Little Man” Caruso – caporegime (potentially just soldier by 1985 or inducted in the late 1980s/early 1990s)

Additional Notes:

  • FBI list was compiled around June of 1985
  • Dominic Longo was dead by October of 1985
  • There is also no mention of Louis Dragna being an informant
  • “Caporegima” used instead of “Caporegime” – based on FBI list
  • Los Angeles member Nicholas Paul Nardi (1919-1988) is not the brother of Cleveland associate John Nardi
  • Nardi’s brother was fellow Cleveland associate Nicholas Anthony Nardi (1926-2014)

A more accurate chart for the Los Angeles family by 1985 is available here.