Los Angeles Family 1977 Chart

Speculative Info:

  • Re: Longo
    “Good for a touch”, according to Pete Milano in Fratianno’s book – seemingly implies he receives money from him at times and is therefore with him?
  • Re: Gruttadauria
    Attends the funeral of Pete Milano’s first wife (nee Zoccoli) in 1969, was formerly a member of the Cleveland family, owned liquor store with Steve Zoccoli and son Stephen – several connections to Milano
  • Re: Pinelli
    Louis Dragna informs Fratianno that Pinelli would be collecting money at some point with Frank Bompensiero – implied connection to San Diego group?
  • Re: Caci
    Per Breakshot, Milano brings Caci into the Los Angeles family because of his established status in Palm Springs but Gallo does not really make the time period entirely clear, though it appears to be in the late 1970s. Possibly associated with Mike Rizzitello’s crew.