Standing (L to R) are Paul “Big Paul” Castellano, Gregory “Greg” DePalma, Frank Sinatra, Thomas Marson, Carlo Gambino, Aladena James “Jimmy the Weasel” Fratianno, Salvatore “Sal” Spatola, seated (L to R), Giuseppe “Joe from the Bronx” Gambino and Richard “Nerves” Fusco

Cataloguing the Los Angeles crime family and other organised crime.

“I am saying for the record there is no organized crime except in the minds of the U.S. government, Mario Puzo and reporters who seem to capitalize on it.”

– John “Johnny V” Vaccaro, Los Angeles family soldier


Los Angeles Family:


Hollywood’s Goodfella – Anthony Fiato


The Battle of Sunset Strip

California Cosa Nostra Cooperator

Carmen Milano: Attorney, Underboss, Flipper

Jimmy Caci & LA’s Buffalo Faction

Mike Rizzi: Gallo Gangster in LA


Sammy G v. The Weasel: Bull?

Milano’s Mob


Los Angeles Family Charts:

Los Angeles LCN Chart for 2000

Los Angeles Family 1997 Revised

Los Angeles Family 1985 Chart (FBI List)

Los Angeles LCN Chart for 1985

Los Angeles Family 1977 Chart

Los Angeles Family Inductions, Post Dragna & DeSimone

Los Angeles Family Administration Timeline

Other LCN Charts:

La Cosa Nostra Member Informants

Chicago LCN 2022, Q1

Chicago LCN 1985

Colombo LCN Family 2022

DeCavalcante Family 2022

Detroit LCN Leadership 2022

Detroit LCN Family 2022

Gambino LCN Family 2022

LCN Families Chart 2022

Kansas City LCN 2023

New England LCN 2023

Useful Links:

The Black Hand Forum – organised research crime forum

r/Mafia – organised crime subreddit

GangsterBB.Net – organised crime forum

Mafia Book Reviews – book reviews and extensively detailed articles (Nizar)

LCN Bios – detailed entries about LCN (JD)

Mafia Membership Charts – exhaustive membership lists (Bill Feather)

The Gangster Report – frequent articles about organised crime (SMB)


  1. The Milanos were close with the Dragnas going back to the time of their relocation. Peter was an usher at my grandparents’s wedding in 1948 (Jack’s daughter Anna is my grandmother). The cropped photo of a young Pete in the wedding party is in my pictorial Los Angeles Underworld. Federal files show that Jack spoke with Mr and Mrs Milano on the phone and they were all very friendly.


    1. Thank you for your comment, Mr. Niotta.

      I have not yet been able to get a copy of the Los Angeles Underworld but did read through The Los Angeles Sugar Ring book some time ago. I will update the website’s entries that make reference to the Milano-Dragna relationship with this new information.

      Thanks again, it is greatly appreciated
      – Joe


      1. Joe, please call me J. Michael. Mr Niotta is my dad. What’s your email? Your articles are by far the most accurate on the subject that I’ve come across. I specialize on the earlier period and have 4 books out, though I’ve written 12.


      2. Thank you for the kind words. I can be reached via email at
        – Joe


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